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Do I have to have a smartphone?

Absolutely Not. Using a smartphone gives you tremendous advantages like completing assignments from the field – without having any homework to do later, but it is by no means necessary. On the Project Fielder system you can use a smartphone app, the mobile web, a computer at home – or ANY combination of the three! It’s all about making it easier (and more convenient) for you!

What is Project Fielder’s Payment Policy?

Project Fielder is a software platform and a job board. We do not pay contractors. Our clients (the ones offering the opportunities) do. Every company has its own Payment Policy. Some jobs pay within days, others on a monthly schedule. All Payment Policies are published for you to review prior to agreeing to do any work.

How do I qualify as a Specialist? Do I have to apply?

Every participating company has their unique requirements. Register, view the opportunities and any requirements the companies have.